Energy Rev, recently acquired by New Project Media, specializes in the provision of energy transition financing and M&A dealflow news, catering to developers, IPPs, project lenders, advisory groups, energy infrastructure funds and institutional investors.

Energy Rev’s editorial team has been bolstered by its partnership with NPM, a 30-person company producing proprietary renewable energy news, data & market research.

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Energy Rev renewable energy news industry analysis insights

Energy Rev editor Peter Kneller has 12 years’ experience covering European energy transition financing markets. Before launching Energy Rev, he held the role of content director at London-based infrastructure and renewable energy title inspiratia, and was previously deputy editor of M&A and renewables at Acuris-owned Inframation Group.

Co-editor Jon McNair has reported on the energy transition for six years, having also previously been in charge of content at inspiratia prior to joining Energy Rev. This followed a number of years in the Lloyd’s of London commercial insurance market where he specialised in analysing risk in the energy sector.