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Spain moves to ease investor concerns over controversial new energy ruling

September 22, 2021

Spain’s Ministry for the Ecological Transition has moved to dispel rampant concerns over the impact on operational PPA-backed projects of its recently introduced revenue reduction mechanism – brought in on September 14 in an attempt to shield bill payers from soaring wholesale power prices – with a clarification that such schemes will be exempt from… Read More ›

New Spanish ruling a massive headache for PPA-backed projects

The Spanish government has thrown the country’s renewables market into turmoil with the introduction of a surprise law this week (September 14) which will force wind and solar generators to pay back the difference above perceived normal wholesale prices, regardless of whether projects are selling their output on a full merchant basis or at fixed… Read More ›

UK finalises budget for upcoming CfD auction

The UK government has published its planned budget for its fourth Contracts for Difference (CfD) auction, earmarking GBP 265m to incentivise the next phase of renewables development. 

France rolls out next phase of renewables regulation

France has launched a series of tenders for renewables technologies as it bids to complete the next stage of its decarbonisation plans. 

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