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At a Glance: Spanish auction playing a role in lowering PPA prices

Spain’s most recent renewables’ auction celebrated in January and which resulted in average winning solar prices in the mid-EUR 20s/MWh range has exerted continued downward pressure on solar PPA contracts on offer from industrials, corporates and utilities, shaving several euros per MWh off average 10-year offtake prices available before the tender, according to industry sources. 

At A Glance: Record-breaking T-1 Capacity Market result a welcome boost for battery storage

The small handful of battery storage players which kept faith with National Grid’s T-1 capacity market tenders were rewarded handsomely in the regulator’s latest auction this week, with participants coming away with a clearing price of GBP 45/kW. This marks a massive increase on the GBP 1/kW T-1 clearing price recorded a year ago. 

At a Glance: Stage finally set for Poland’s offshore wind market to take off

Poland’s offshore wind market is finally expected to gather pace this year after the country’s Parliament unanimously adopted its first Offshore Wind Act on January 14, and with the legislation subsequently rubber-stamped by the president later the same month. 

At a Glance: Spanish auction avoids bidding bloodbath although winning offers still well under current PPA rates

Spain held its first renewable energy auction for three and a half years on Tuesday (January 26), with Capital Energy emerging as the single biggest winner having secured 625MW of onshore wind support.

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